PES 2017 cheats and tricks

pes 2017 cheats and tips

PES 2017 has returned to the saga of Konami to the place that corresponds to him in the football genre on videogame consoles. The new Pro Evolution Soccer is more real than ever and has polished all aspects of the previous delivery. Now that the game is already on the street, we offer some of the best tricks of PES 2017  so that there is no rival that can win, neither human nor AI.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

The  Pro Evolution Soccer, Winning Eleven or PES , as his fans know, is one of the game’s most famous international football history. Together with FIFA , they compete for the first place in the Football simulator. The PES is developed by the Japanese company Konami.

The PES 2017  promises a lot of improvements over previous editions. In the last edition, the PES 2017 , the graphics were not what was expected, something that have improved incredibly. This has also generated that the movements and physics of the game is of better quality.

For the rest, the game has followed the same path of the 2016 edition, but enhancing those optimum elements of gameplay and polishing what did not work (parties too embarrassed, too arcade).

But let’s not enlist anymore and let’s go to what really interests us, the tricks for PES 2017  that will make us some fearsome players and a devastating attack for the defense of our rivals.

PES 2017 Cheats

Below we see some of the most outstanding tricks for PES 2017 cheats Free GP And Coins. We will start by watching some of the most spectacular dribbles we can do, and we will know other curiosities that can be done in the game.

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Make the best dribbles in PES 2017 (PS4)

Here you have some of the special tricks and movements of the new PES. As you will see, some are very easy to perform, while others require more practice to get us to perfection.

Control Core : Move the Left Stick in the same direction as the ball, and then hold down R1 + L1 when the player stops the ball.

Aim of shooting or shooting : Press X just before the player fires the shot.

Backspin and spin : Press X just before the player shoots and turn the left stick in the direction you want.

Drag and close : Hold the right stick to the left + Left stick up or right upper diagonal.

Drag and Exit : Hold the Right Stick to the Left + Right Stick by doing this move: Down, Right Bottom Right and Right. If you have the Inner Rebound skill you will perform the Inner Rebound dribble.

Simple Bike : With the still player execute with the right Stick the following movement: right-diagonal upper right-up or right-diagonal lower right-down. If the player has the bike skill he will perform Quick Bike.

Multiple bike : With the ball in your power, still or in movement, execute with the right Stick the following movement: right, diagonal upper right, top, diagonal upper right, right, diagonal lower right and down.

Outside bicycle : With the ball stopped, hold the right stick with the player stopped and perform the following movement: down, diagonal lower right, and right (or you can also do this other action: up, diagonal upper right and right) and press The left stick toward the lower left diagonal (or upper left diagonal).

Control in short : Executed with R2 + Left stick in the desired direction.

Two touches : Hold Stick right up or down + Stick left in the desired direction.

Elastic : With the ability of the Elastic player to keep the right stick down + Left Stick in the upper right diagonal direction. If you do not have the Elastic ability, you will perform the Outside and inside ability.

Reverse Elastic : With the Elastic player’s ability to hold the right Stick up + Left Stick in the lower right diagonal direction. If you do not have the Elastic ability, you will perform the ability inside and out.

Dry Braking : Having the ball in your power left stick + R1.

Gambeta : Stick right down or up, release it and move the right Stick right after you turn.

180º Rotation : Keep Stick right to the right + execute with the right Stick this movement: Up, diagonal upper right and diagonal upper left.

Speed boost: Press 2 times R1 + Left stick in the direction you want to go.

Marsellese : Hold Right Stick + Left Stick by running this move right, bottom right diagonal and down.

To stop dry and to face goal : Being possessor of the loose ball Stick left + R2.

Bridge : Releasing the left stick press R1 before controlling the ball.

Dribble in L : Keep Stick right to the left + Left stick by executing this move: up and diagonal upper right.

Heel Hat : Requires hat skill and you only have to press R3 twice.

Simple hat : Hold down R3. If you have the Hat skill, you will be able to make a high-heeled hat or even 360-degree autopase.

To shoot : Press L3 + R3 + L1 + L2 at the same time.

Touch forward : Stop your player + press L2 once with the Right Stick towards the forward direction.

Vaseline : With the ball in your possession and near the goal, press + L1 when you are about to shoot.

We hope that these movements have served you, if not to win, at least to hesitate from time to time your friends.

Achievements in PES 2017

In PES 2017 also exist a series of achievements, which we must surpass to complete the game to 100%. This is the official list with all the achievements we must overcome:

  • Maximum player : Obtained once we have achieved all the achievements.
  • King of the comebacks . Win a game after losing for at least three goals.
  • Owner of possession . Win having a possession of at least 65%:
  • Ace on the sleeve . A substitute manages to score goal.
  • World class . Score a goal from more than 35 meters (not worth direct lack).
  • Sniper . Score a direct goal of 30 meters or more.
  • Unexpected goalscorer . One of our defenders manages to score a goal.
  • Impregnable bastion . You have to keep the goal to zero having received 20 or more shots throughout the match.
  • Dramatic turn . You have to get a match over in extra time.
  • Friendly game played !. This trophy is won simply by playing a friendly match.
  • VERSUS (AGAINST THE MACHINE) . To obtain this trophy you have to obtain the match data against the machine in VS mode.
  • VERSUS (2 players) . To obtain this trophy you must obtain the match data in the VS mode.
  • Victoria in UCL . We achieved this trophy by winning the machine for the first time in a Champions League match.
  • Victoria in UEFA Europa League . We achieved this trophy by winning the machine for the first time in a Europa League match.
  • Victoria in the AFC Champions League . We achieved this trophy by winning the machine for the first time in an AFC match.
  • Professional debut . To obtain the trophy one must play a match in the ‘Be a Legend’ mode.
  • Winner of the championship . This trophy is awarded by winning the league in ‘Be a Legend’ mode.
  • Eleven league ideal . We must be selected to be part of the ideal league of the league in the previous mode.
  • Best European player . Win the prize for the best player in Europe for UEFA
  • Best South American player . Win the prize for the best player in South America.
  • Best Asian footballer . Win the prize for the best player in Asia.
  • Best player of the season . Win the prize for best player of the season.
  • Victory in the Master League . We achieved this trophy by winning first in the Master League.
  • New Horizons. We get it if we sign for another team in the Master League.
  • My favorite players . Add a player to the category of “My favorite players”.
  • A real star . To achieve this achievement we must get the role of legend or banner in our team.
  • Champion of the league . Win a top league in the Master League.
  • Three-time champion in Europe. To get this trophy you must get the triplet in a season.
  • Three-time Latin American champion . The same as the previous one but in Latin America.
  • Three-time Asian champion. Same as above but in Asia.
  • Best team in the world. Get in the Master’s Degree that your team ascend to the number 1 position in the world.
  • Leader of the nation . To achieve this achievement you have to become a national coach in the Master League mode.
  • Champion of the world . We must achieve to be champion of the world with our national selection.
  • Silver collector: Basic . Get all the basics in basic skills training
  • Silver collector: Intermediate . Get all the silverware in intermediate skills training
  • Silver collector: Advanced . Get all the platas in advanced skills training
  • Silver collector : Expert . Get all of the platas in skilled skills training
  • Test yourself online . It is achieved by starting the first online game against another human user.
  • Lobby host . It is achieved by starting a game in the friendly lobby.
  • Victoria: ONLINE DIVISIONS . Win a match in online Divisions.
  • Ascended in ONLINE DIVISIONS . Achieve a promotion in Online Divisions.
  • Victoria: Competition . Win an online competition.
  • MyClub: Victory in Divisions . Win your first game in myClub.
  • MyClub: Ascended in Divisions . Ascend of division in myClub.
  • MyClub: Victoria in Divisions (YES.) . Win a match in SIM Divisions. In myClub game mode.
  • MyClub: Ascended Divis. (YES.) . Up to SIM Divisions. In myClub game mode.
  • Training match . Start a game while you are playing a friendly of myClub.
  • 6 consecutive victories in Legend . Win 5 consecutive machine matches in myClub mode on Legend difficulty.Once you have achieved all these achievements you can say that you have all the trophies and that you are a real wizard of the ball, at least in the PES.

Other PES 2017 cheats and trivia

In PES 2017 we can also activate another series of tricks and special moves, such as the animations of players each time they score a goal. It is true that there are some celebrations of important players that are missing, that others should be improved enough, and that most come by default in the menu that appears after scoring goal, but it is also true that there are other players that can make special animations when dialing and Celebrate them as in reality. Others like Neymar Jr. also have other animations, such as taking off the shirt after scoring. Watch out, because this celebration will carry a yellow card. In any case,

Trailer of PES 2017

If you have not tried PES 2017 (strange thing if you like football and videogames), here we leave the original trailer of the game:


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