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Building a home is pure fun. Designing the characters that live inside is even more fun. The Sims Mobile is a creation of Electronic Arts and is a fairly new game designed on the same concept. It was released in May 2017 and requires an Android version of 4.1 and up. The app does not really have any in app purchases so it is pretty much free to play including all top ups.

This article also focuses on some great cheats and hacks. We are sure you wouldn’t want to miss them. Read on to get more information.

Game play of The Sims Mobile:

The Sims Mobile is all about creating a story of characters that are available and designing their lifestyle in the most perfect way possible. You can customize the homes of your characters and interact with other characters in the game in order to unlock rewards and form relations. Let your Sims develop career goals and build personal relationships.


Hairstyles, accessories and outfits all enhance your characters having a variety of looks. You can also check out some super cool career options like being a Doctor, DJ or a fashion designer, etc. there are hobbies too ranging from playing guitar to cooking delicacies.

Interestingly, the game also puts you in the role of an interior designer. Choose from a list of designs and great layouts which include decorations, furnishings and appliances. Activities such as thinking in the shower or as much as make dishes make the game more interesting. Basically, it seems that you have to be the creators of some imaginary people and design their lives.

Another feature in the game is that once your characters in The Sims Mobile accomplish their career goals and it is time for them to retire, you would be awarded with Heirlooms that have the ability to open up careers and hobbies for the coming generations, helping your characters to tell different stories. For instance, if one generation was working as a lawyer, this could pave way for his future generation to become a judge. Similarly, a cook working in a restaurant may help his future generation to become a celebrity chef.

There are also options available to make social connections. You can opt for speed dating and move in with other Sims in case you area able to develop cordial relations with them. Oh and did we tell you there is also an option to show off your designer houses to other characters.

The Sims Mobile cheats:

Use these The Sims Mobile cheats to pave your way into the higher levels of the game.

  1. A great The Sims Mobile cheat is to get the party boat unlimited gift. Wait for all the gifts to cool down. After about 24 hours have passed by, click on the same and hop into the boat. Collect the gift that is offered to you. Remember, this cheat can only function if you don’t press the back button. Instead, the home button can be used to come back to the home screen.
  2. Waiting in any game can be the most irritating factor. You can always advance your network time on the phone. This will help you beat the real time and achieve bounties before the game actually lets you do so. In fact, this The Sims Mobile cheats can come handy to gain any reward.
  3. You can also use the children’s store to earn easy money in the game.
  4. Plan your game according to the career chosen by your characters.

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The Sims Mobile hacks:

The Sims Mobile hack is one of the fastest ways to earn more rewards.

  1. One of the simplest ways to download the hack is clicking on the link and entering your details in order to get yourself verified.
  2. Click on the Generate button to open The Sims Mobile hack and use it.
  3. Once the process has been completed, just restart your game to see if the hack is working correctly.
  4. This hack can work on all devices which mean it prevents you from downloading multiple hack links.
  5. In addition to the same, you get a chance to earn unlimited currency using this hack.
  6. The hack also prevents rooting your device.


Overall, this game is still in the testing mode. Since it is in the initial downloading stages, much cannot be said about its content and its interface. However, one thing is for sure; the game has done pretty well in terms of the conceptualization of the animation. Each detail has been minutely looked into and great attention has been paid to the game play. The game also works well for all age groups which certainly mean it has the potential to gather a lot of audience for itself.

Well, all we can do is wait for the audience review.


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